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  • Website Development

    Kaya Systems provide professional website design, development, and on-going maintenance services. We love to help small business establish their brand and improve their web presence. Irrespective of the size of your company, we have the expertise and the creativity to become your trusted partner in your web marketing efforts.

    Website development is one of our core competencies. We understand that small businesses are on tight budget and therefore we don’t try to reinvent the wheel. We leverage Opensource platform where necessary and integrate modules that already exist and save our clients money. We believe what is in the best interest of our clients is also in our best interest. We provide both front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends.

    During the website design and development process we make sure we keep in mind the following:

    Visual (Look & Feel)

    The key question is how do I stand out? The answer lies in combining the following:

    • Aesthetically appealing design
    • Consistent and structured layout
    • Consistent corporate identity
    • Follow color compatibility/theme
    • Rationale/Logical use of space
    • Ease of Use

      The goal is keep interfaces simple for the visitor, irrespective of the functional complexity of the website. For a positive user experience we keep the following in mind:

      • User-friendly interface
      • AJAX powered interactivity
      • Intuitive navigation
      • Task-oriented workflow
      • Accessibility standards


      Functionality is what makes your website alive. It transforms the website from an information display signboard to a powerful business tool. Kaya has the development experience to build custom solutions that will match your actual business requirement. Modular development allows us to expand existing and build new functionality with ease and in a cost-effective manner. Functionality is broken down into Front End and Back End as explained below:

      Front End Functionality

      Front end is what your visitor sees when she/he visits your website. Front end functionality can be defined as a combination of user centered design, accessibility, and usability. It is the ease with which visitor can:

      • Access information, create accounts, and maintain accounts
      • View order history and order status
      • Address book for multiple shipping and billing addresses
      • Temporary and permanent shopping carts for visitors and customers respectively
      • Quick and advanced search facility
      • Product reviews for an interactive shopping experience
      • Intuitive and foreseen checkout procedure
      • SSL secured transactions
      • Number of products in each category can be shown or hidden
      • Best seller list
      • Display what other customers have ordered with current product shown
      • Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation

      Back-End Administration

      A key element of on-going website maintenance is regular updating of the site. Different back-end tools can be integrated into your website to give you efficient control over various site operations. Some of the tasks include:

      • Content creation and publishing
      • Turning certain functionality on/off
      • Dynamic structure generation
      • Document management (images, pdf, audio, video files)
      • User management (access rights and permissions)
      • Operations management (clients, catalogs, payments, orders etc.)
      • Site statistics (integrating Google analytics and/or other tools)
      • To get started, send us an inquiry through our inquiry page and we will send you the requirements gathering document so project scope can be developed. Once the project is scoped out, we can then quote the project for you.

        Technology Services Monthly Plans

        Conversation Bonus
        table-bg-1 5 hrs/week 2 Email conversation No No
        table-bg-2 10 hrs/week 4 Real time conversation 4 hours 15%
        gold-package 20 hrs/week 8 Real time conversation 8 hours 20%
        gray-package 40 hrs/week 16 Real time conversation 16 hours 25%
        blue-package Pay as you go 8 Real time conversation No No