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    Content Moderation

    Kaya Systems LLC, provides Content Moderation Services to clients across North America. Over the years, we have developed expertise in providing quality content moderation service. Our portfolio of expertise includes supporting clients on 24x7x365 basis.

    A Case Study

    The following case study summary demonstrates and validates the claim.

    A Multimedia client based out of California approached Kaya Systems to provide them with moderation service. The task involved supporting their eight social media websites. After a few days of training a basic team was ready to take over the moderation and quality control function. Initially, eight associates started supporting the client in three shifts. As the team gained experience, it started to provide regular feedback to the client to improve the service and customer experience.

    In the next two years, the total number of social media sites grew from eight to fifty. The team would filter for pornography, violence, anti-social behavior, or any other content that the client listed as unacceptable or unfit for posting, or might cause copy right conflict. One of the tasks was story maintenance and this involved title making, description editing, broken link building, and monitoring of relevance of the data posted to the story (user comments). Filtering for spam was also one of the main tasks.

    During the life of the project, Kaya Systems received raving reviews from the client. Given the experience we gained, we believe we are in a strong position to offer quality content moderation as a service.

    We Take Care Of

    Child Safety

    Cyber Bullying, child abusive material and personally identifiable information all become the part of our vetting services to ensure child safety on a website.

    Anti – Social Behavior

    Being as moderators, we also deal with Spamming, Abusive Language, Multiple Posting, Nonsensical Comments, Links to Illegal Content; Trolling & Commercial Advertising to check anti-social behavior.

    Security Alerts

    Our team of moderators is efficient enough to remove the security alerts like bomb and suicidal threats if they are posted by someone on the website.

    Copyright Concerns

    Ensuring plagiarism and piracy free content and images to avoid the copyright hassles, is a part of our content moderation process.



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