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  • Any business of any size can use additional support help from time to time. If your job can be digitized it can be performed by a Virtual Assistant. You do not have to pay excessive Temp Service fees or negotiate and sign a contract with a Professional Employment Organization. You can hire a Virtual Assistant for as few or as many hours as you need – and at a rate that just cannot be matched in your area.

    A Virtual Assistant can be provided who is multi-lingual. Employers do not have to pay taxes, benefits, vacation, health insurance – nothing but the minimal hourly charge. There isn’t any task that can be performed online that a Virtual Assistant cannot complete with speed and accuracy.

    We guaranty our work and our workers. We are so confident you will be happy with a Virtual Assistant that we are offering TWO HOURS FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!

    Back Office Services:

    • Research and Analysis: Preparing Business plans, market research projects and financial feasibility reports
    • Transcription Services including medical and audio transcription
    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    • Data mining and Data Entry
    • Appointment setting, email management and general office duties
    • Content Moderation
    • Order processing
    • Bookkeeping
    • Customer Relations Management
    • Translation services
    • Real Estate Support
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    Why Choose Kaya Systems

    • Well-educated, degreed and certified
    • Highly experienced
    • Innovative, intuitive and cooperative
    • Long term branding support
    • Good communications
    • Clear and consistent reporting
    • Well organized