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    Data Analysis/ Modeling/ Research and Analysis at Kaya Systems

    Kaya Systems INC is an IT enabled services provider. We specialize in providing back office services ranging from data entry, virtual assistant, equity research, to data modeling. Kaya Systems is also involved in web-based application development. Leveraging open source technologies, we have successfully created solutions to customer challenges. For further details email at info@kayasystems.com

    Data Analysis/ Modeling

    Data becomes information, only when it is available at the right time and in a format that is suitable for decision-making. We can definitely help you organize and analyze data so you can make informed decisions with out advanced researching tools. We can do trending, forecasting, and analysis using basic statistical tools.

    Some typical analysis/modeling tasks

    Here are some quick examples of what we qualify for as a provider of virtual assistant researcher:

    • Database creation
    • Trending and forecasting
    • Basic statistical analysis
    • Survey analysis

    Research and analysis is always an exciting endeavor for Kaya. Our research and analysis experts will dig into the expansive world of Internet resources to find data, information and statistics for your needs. We prefer not to stop there and continue to process and present the data and information in a form that best benefits your business. Our diverse portfolio includes online primary research, secondary research data analysis (quantitative and qualitative) and documentation.

    Research Proficiencies

    Kaya’s proficiencies in research and analysis entail following tools:

    • Online Data Gathering
    • Advanced Excel Tools
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Data Mining

    Types and Services

    Whether you want to test the market potential before a new product launch, test competitor’s environment in your business area or you are going for a financing from an agency that required comprehensive understanding of the market. Our tested tools will provide information and research in ways most advantageous for your product and business. Out proficiencies include:

    • Industry Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis

    For inquiries or negotiation over rates, please email at info@kayasystems.com or leave your message for Kaya Systems so that our customer service to get back to you.