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    Finding the right candidate is not only a cumbersome task, but it can be highly challenging to screen the right candidate among all the people who have applied to the job posted. By outsourcing this daunting task the companies can reduce their efforts, save time and get to choose only form the relevant candidates according to their requirement and the responsibility he is capable to handle. Kaya System’s RPO process is simple and effective, the various phases that involve bringing out the right candidate comprises of the following activities:

    Understanding Requirements / Form Filling

    The company receives talent requisition forms from their clients. The form requires putting in all the details of the candidate who is to be hired. Filling the form is a necessary process as it is used to define the job description and helps the company to get an idea of what they are required to do, it is also the first step towards creating a business bond between the client and the company.

    Sourcing Candidates

    After the requirements of the rightful candidate have been defined to the company that is responsible to provide the candidate, Kaya System starts it process. A list is prepared of all the candidates already available within the huge database which is updated regularly. The skills, experience and expertise are matched and the candidates are categorized. The candidates who match all the requirements are marked to be contacted, hence a lot of people get filtered and the relevant CVs/Profiles come forth.

    Initial Screening of the Candidates

    Kaya Systems now extends its service by contacting the candidate and conducting the initial interview with him/her over the Phone, email, Skype or face to face if possible. While this is a brief interview just to make sure that the people selected from the database are available and interested for interviews with the client. It also confirms that these people are reachable and considering them for the interview by the client is a viable option.

    Forwarding the List of Candidates to the Client

    The list will be forwarded to the client for his consideration and to get a confirmation that he is satisfied with the qualified pool of the candidates. This list will contain the methods to contact the candidates who are available for the position.