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    Farrukh Naseem (Director & CEO)


    Graduated in BS Computer Sciences degree from Virtual University of Pakistan, Farrukh makes the coffee seem stronger when he is at his office desk! Exceptionally creative & genuinely smart-working Farrukh has an experience of 7 years in Software Engineering. The same quality has led him step-by-step from IT Manager all the way to becoming Director & CEO at Kaya System.

    Billy Alvaro, New York

    First off – this was and is a BIG project to take on. I want you all to know – I have worked with and outsourced Numerous projects over sees […]

    Ryan Wright

    It was great to meet with all of you yesterday, it is great to have the video technology so we can see each other. We have been working with each […]

    David Hedges

    I have worked with Kaya Systems for over 18 months now and the service and expertise that I have received is far beyond my expectations. The team at Kaya is […]

    Rhys Trenhaile

    Kaya Systems was my fourth attempt at finding a company that could handle my back end office support. I am hardly picky; the simple fact is that most companies out […]

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