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    Kaya Systems offers Joomla development services to help you take your business/product online and manage it with great ease. No matter if you need a smaller/simpler or a bigger/more complex website, our Joomla development team can provide you with a solution that present you in the best way possible. Moreover, our development process incorporates all of your marketing and technical requirements to provide you with best output.

    With Joomla, you get a website that is cost-effective, search-engine friendly, easy to manage contents and users and forms, easy to extend with plugins and add-ons, easy to integrate with social media and third-party tools.

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    Technology Services Monthly Plans

    Conversation Bonus
    table-bg-1 5 hrs/week 2 Email conversation No No
    table-bg-2 10 hrs/week 4 Real time conversation 4 hours 15%
    gold-package 20 hrs/week 8 Real time conversation 8 hours 20%
    gray-package 40 hrs/week 16 Real time conversation 16 hours 25%
    blue-package Pay as you go 8 Real time conversation No No