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  • Virtual Assistance in Real Estate Business

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    According to the National Association of Realtors [(NAR), www.realtor.org], “the housing sector contributed $2.1 trillion to the national economy in 2007, accounting for 15 percent of overall economic activity”. The association further states that 81% of agents/brokers buy or sell homes by using the internet; furthermore, 73% of buyers drive by/view a home they came across on the internet. It can safely be concluded that real estate business is information […]

    Selecting a back office service provider – Things to consider

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    Over the last few years, outsourcing of products & services has gained traction with Small & Medium Size Enterprises. As connectivity improved and bandwidth costs came down, outsourcing to low cost regions fast became a norm as apposed to an exception. These days SMEs are using back-end support in wide range of services from simple tasks such as data entry to writing complex business development plans to designing and developing […]

    How VA Providers can help SMEs in Speeding up Technology Adoption

    Posted by: admin | Posted in Technology Outsourcing

    The world of Virtual Assistance has evolved from providing basic administrative and clerical support to handling increasingly complex tasks for clients. Today’s virtual assistants are increasingly becoming a gateway and a liaison between the client and the other specialized resources within their company. One area where this model can really gain traction is in addressing the growing technology pains for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). An SME can have myriad […]

    Virtual Collaboration to keep your Back-Office running

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    The age of virtual reality has arrived! We have seen a gradual but steady development in human psyche as well as technological advancements that have led humans to push the envelope in terms of how we use virtual systems. Take for example the online gaming industry — you have millions if not tens of millions of people connected in a virtual gaming arena. The experience is life like, yet safe […]