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  • Kaya Systems INC is an IT enabled services provider. We specialize in providing back office services ranging from data entry, virtual assistant, equity research, to data modeling. Kaya Systems is also involved in web-based application development. Leveraging open source technologies, we have successfully created solutions to customer challenges. For further details email at info@kayasystems.com or click on contact us.

    Web Development

    Our web/application development teams are busier than ever. Whether it’s a simple website or a sophisticated web based application, we can tailor a solution to fit your requirements.

    Kaya Systems provide professional website design, development, and on-going maintenance services.

    Some typical web tasks

    Website development E-commerce solution Spreadsheet automation Standalone applications
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    Virtual Assistant

    If you are a professional or a small-tomedium business owner then asking yourself, “Do I need a VA?” is a valid question. A VA can be trained to do a variety of tasks. Our VAs remotely access client servers/computers to process information. We can affectively become “Your Remote Local Office.” And help you cut cost and improve productivity.

    Some typical VA tasks

    Desktop publishing Data processing Email management Internet research Bookkeeping entries/Billing
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    Consultant Support

    As a busy independent consultant or a partner at a small consulting practice, time is one commodity you most likely don’t have enough of. You spend your time on meetings, on-site visits, process mapping, brain storming sessions, and a host of other activities before you fully understand the challenge and can propose a solution.

    Some typical Support tasks

    Process Mapping Power-point Presentation Competitor Research Business Plan Data Analysis
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    Graphic Design

    Whether you need new designs for your marketing campaign or just need to update some existing material, we can help you in either situation. Simply, put down your ideas, content, and some examples of how you want your flyer, brochure, etc. to look like and we will create design mockups for you.

    Some typical Design tasks

    Stationery/Logo Brochure/Folder Banner/Flyer Catalogue/Booklet Poster/Menu Door Hanger/Bookmark
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    The task of keeping daily financial transactions organized can quickly consume resources and divert organizations from their core business focus. We can help you with your bookkeeping tasks and provide you with a clear financial picture so you can make informed business decisions.

    We offer both business bookkeeping and personal bookkeeping at competitive rates.

    Some typical Bookkeeping tasks

    Preparing Income Statements Cash Flow Account Reconciliation Balance Sheets Detailed Activity Reports
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    Equity Research

    We develop basic company research reports. Most of these reports are for marketing and investment firms. We offer customizable qualitative and quantitative research services designed to support and expand the internal capabilities of investment banks.

    Some typical Research tasks

    Financial Analytics Financial Statement Analysis Model Development Analysis Valuation Modeling
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    Data Analysis/Modeling

    Data becomes information, only when it’s available at the right time and in a format that is suitable for decision making. We can definitely help you organize and analyze data so you can make informed decisions. We can do trending, forecasting, and analysis using basic statistical tools.

    Some typical analysis/modeling tasks

    Database creation Trending and forecasting Basic statistical analysis Survey analysis
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    RPO Services

    Finding the right candidate is not only a cumbersome task, but it can be highly challenging to screen the right candidate among all the people who have applied to the job posted. By outsourcing this daunting task the companies can reduce their efforts, save time and get to choose only form the relevant candidates according to their requirement and the responsibility he is capable to handle. Kaya System’s RPO process perform following activities:

    Some typical RPO Services tasks

    Form Filling Sourcing Candidates Initial Screening of the Candidates Forwarding the List of Candidates to the Client
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    Transcription Services

    Medical transcription professionals listen to dictated recordings made by physicians and other health care professionals and transcribe them into medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative material. Similarly, legal transcription is performed to support law firms’ requirements.

    For dial-in dictation, you simply dial our tollfree number and dictate.

    Transcription process:

    We will provide you with a toll free (1-877) number to record your dictation. A pin number will be assigned to you once we receive your FREE TRIAL request.

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